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How to search for right Job Online Effectively Using Job Portals?

Freejobalert: Currently, job portals are considered to be a major source of finding any type of jobs and it is used as an effective hiring tool. So it is very necessary for those candidates who are searching job to have a good profile in leading job portals from where they will get freejobalert. In this article, a brief discussion is being held about how to use these portals which send freejobalerts to get a good job.

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If you want to create a job portal profile, you need one valid email id and a mobile phone number so that you can get free job alerts for your desired jobs.

Selection of job Portals for Freejobalerts

Either you can yourself find the best job portals to get register for getting free job alerts which are based on their web traffic rank or you can find out any websites like Alexia to get the best-ranked job portals. Basically, companies are selecting the job portals which are based on the total number of candidate profiles they have and also based on the cost of their service. Jobs Portals are giving Freejobalerts, By following these criteria, the companies basically choose any of the leading job portals. So it is suggested that you should choose at least two or three leading job portals to search jobs of your country.

When you complete the job portals identification, you need to follow two steps. One is to create your current profile by registering an account and the second one is searching and applying for your desired jobs. The second step is the continuous activities you need to continue until you get your desired job. After finishing the registering process you will get free job alerts for all jobs.

Step 3: profile creation – Dos and Don’ts:

  1. Always attach your resume in your job portal accounts.
  2. Be aware that content of your job profile and attached resume must be same.
  3. Always give genuine mobile numbers.
  4. Never keep the current salary space blank in your profile.
  5. Don’t give irrelevant key skills in the core area of your resume as this will deviate the weight of the CV. These will not prove to be good in your job hunt process and sometimes it will affect your chances of getting shortlisted to any good company. Try avoiding these to get free job alerts.

Step 4: Searching and applying for jobs:

If your profile has a great demand then you will surely start getting lots of calls from various recruiters after getting registered or become active. And you will see those when you will log into your account and this will be done through free job alerts in your mobile. In that case, you don’t have to search and apply for the jobs. You should search and apply for the suitable jobs once in a week on that portal where you have registered.

Dos and Don’ts in Searching and applying for freejobalert:

  1. Use proper keywords in your job search procedure.
  2. Do not apply to any jobs only seeing the job title, first read the full job description then apply if it matches with your profile.

Free Jobs Alerts. According to the data from the official blog of LinkedIn, the applicants for the new jobs have increased gradually. There are more chances of someone you know might be looking for a new job because they are interested in searching a new way to find a career. But, what are the skills required to get a job in the year 2017?

By checking various websites and online portals for free jobs alerts, we have filtered a few skills that are required by the employers needed in most of the candidates seeking jobs.

Companies are directly sending freejobalert to candidates and informing about walk-ins,  free job alerts sent by HRs are helping many fresh job seekers to apply for a job and attend interviews.

So, we are breaking it down globally in various countries. These are the top global skills required that are tending to get a job.

  • Demand for marketers in slowing:

If you are in the field of marketing, the marketing skills like SEO/SEM, and channel marketing were in a huge demand way back in 2015, but things have changed a lot this year. Not a bad ranking, but still, this year, SEO/SEM dropped five spots from number 4 to number 9. And marketing campaign management dropped completely off the list. FreeJobalerts helped digital marketing aspirants also.

  • Data and cloud reign supreme

Cloud and distributed computing is still the king and remained in the number one spot for the last two years and it is still a top skill in almost every list and in every country. These skills are in high demand as they are the cutting edge of technology and the employers need employees with knowledge in the cloud and distributed computing, statistical analysis, and data mining skills in order to stay in the competition.

  • For the first time, there is a skill added into the list. Data presentation, which is visualizing data is now making the list with the number 8 spot with statistical analysis and data mining holding strong again this year at the number two position. FreeJobalerts helped data mining job aspirants also.
  • User Interface Design is the new black:

User Interface design stays in the fifth position with the designing in products that people are interacting with are increasingly in demand amongst the players. It was ranked in the fourteenth place in the year 2014 and at number ten in the last year and in the number five this year. Data has become central for many products in many fields that were created a need for the people with user interface design skills that can make those products easy for the customers to use.FreeJobalerts helped UI designer job seekers also.

So, if you have the skills mentioned here, make sure you let your employers know about them. There is a simple way to do it. This can be done by adding the skills to the job profiles like free job alerts and LinkedIn. In addition to this, you can showcase the professional brand that will show up in higher in the search results.

In case you do not have these skills, this is the right time to learn. If you can’t update yourself in this cut-throat competition, you cannot survive with the old skills without updating them for the purpose of survival. So, keep updating your skills and spread them.


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