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Interview tips on JAM Topics | Just a Minute Round

Some Useful Ideas about JAM Topics (Just a Minute interview Round)

JAM Topics: A Few years back there are two rounds that are written test and the interview session to get a job. But now a day we hear about a lot of rounds included in the recruitment process. There is a written test, group discussion, telephone interview, technical interview, HR interview and lots more. There is another round which is known as the JAM or Just A Minute. From this session, a candidate can be instantly judged and selected in a very short period. From the performance in this round help the candidate to get success in the interview.

JAM Topics becomes important day by day. This session is basically organized based on the business of the recruiting company. It is conducted before or after the written test to eliminate the number of candidates. In this JAM topics, round candidates have to talk about a topic, theme, an object, situation, or just an English song. To test spoken ability of the candidates some of the companies give preference to one-to-one JAM sessions. From this, they can be easily filtered candidates.

JAM Topics

Just a minute topics

What is a JAM session?

To get a very clear view about JAM topics, let me present you a scenario. Today is Samir’s first interview, he is an engineering student passed with a remarkable percentage.

After entering the interview hall he greeted the panel members and then took his seat along with other candidates. Throughout his academic period, his technical knowledge is noticed as well as his performance. He will definitely give his best in this round if the topic is about something from his subject. For the first time, he feels a little bit nervous and that is clearly shown in his face. He is looking at all around the hall and other candidates.

First, the interviewer greeted him. Then they asked him to tell something about himself. He gave a very clear and short description about himself.  But the way he answered the question that was very unnatural. He was a bit embarrassed as he was clearly lacking natural flow. Then the interviewer asked him about his favorite song. After knowing the song the interviewer asked him to put the gist of the song in English.

Samir got confused and started searching words. Finally, he could not continue as he mumbled and unable to find some words.

Now you can understand that Samir faced a JAM Session Topic. This session is naturally a powerful and important tool in the process of modern recruitment. Here the interviewer tests the skills of the candidates in a very swift way.

After satisfied about the spoken English, communication flow and communication skills of the candidate they enlisted the name of the candidate in the selected candidates. JAM Topics Session was vastly used as a screening test in the BPO industry and also used during walk-in drives.

The skills of the candidate that the interviewer tries to test from this JAM Topics:

Communication skills


A Flow of speech

Spoken English

The fluency of English


GK& spontaneity

A Sense of humor

Time management

To test these skills they just conduct a simple test and their purpose is served.

The topics of the JAM session are different from candidate to candidate. Through the JAM Topics, the elimination is done. The candidates who are not good at spoken English, communication skills get rejected so that the competition is quite clear. It has got many advantages if you are well prepared.

The advantages through JAM :

There are some advantages that you get from JAM Topics.

You can create a good first impression by showing your language skills.

You can exhibit the communication skills of yours.

You can easily get an entry into the next rounds.

You can easily establish your eligibility for the post.

For a Successful Just a Minute topics step by step approach:

By observing the following code one can make a perfect presentation in the JAM session.

Don’t be nervous. Give a smile and be confident.

Start with a thanking note.

Use simple language whenever you are defining the topic.

Give brief details about the past, present, and future of the topic.

Try to speak with the clear and audible voice.

Use correct grammar.

Comprehensive approach related topics, that is social, political, economic, legal/language and technical

Keep your topic simple and straight.

Show positive outlook.

Give a conclusion with a thanking note.

The steps are not the syllabus for the JAM topics. This all are the guiding principles to get an idea about the topic all the way.

However, the above steps can help you in different aspects. First of all, they will help you to ease your tension. You have a flow of thoughts that are in a systematic way. With this, you can understand how to maintain your time and talk.

Don’ts during the JAM topics session:

Don’t be nervous.

Don’t cut your sentence short.

Don’t make any grammatical mistakes.

Don’t blabber.

Don’t give big pauses while searching for thoughts.

Don’t keep silent.

Don’t use phrases of local languages.

Don’t use the stock phrase.

Don’t make mother tongue mistake, just try to use a neutral accent.

Don’t be rude at all.

Don’t use flowery languages.

Don’t be imperious.

Don’t be talkative.

Don’t beat about the bush.

Try to always be to the point.

How to practice for JAM Topics?

Just select a topic and then keep on practicing. Randomly select simple topics just like pen, pencil, car, bike and etc.

Then change your topic to your family members, classmates, friends, cricketers, film stars, some other celebrities and etc.

After practicing such simple topics you can slowly pick up the topics about some current issues and the current political problems.

You need lots of practice to get a grip over grammar, which will help you to improve your spoken power.

Practice minimum 10 to 20 topics daily.

Follow the techniques that we have discussed above and practice it daily accordingly.

Always try to use simple languages and try to keep your presentation just simple and straight.

Make it a habit by thinking in English and speak in English always.

Some important qualities you need for JAM Topics:

Self-confidence: Self-confidence plays a vital role in everyone’s life as well as in the JAM session. Obtaining self-confidence is not a very difficult task. If you are shy of everything you will not have self-confidence. You must be comfortable with yourself.

Faith: another thing that you have to develop is Faith. It is the feeling of strong belief that is beyond the proof. So it is important to believe in yourself.

Commitment, courage, and hard work:  to get success in your life commitment is the main thing.

Communication Skills: It also plays the main role for self-confidence. Communication is used to convey messages to other people with clarity.

All these qualities are needed when you are explaining a topic that is given by the interviewer.

Some Important Tips on JAM Topics:

The following tips should be remembered.

Mental Preparation: before delivering your speech you must know about what to speak. Just think about the topic very calmly and then prepare the delivery flow.

When you are starting to speak does not go fast. Try to start at an even pace. If your pace is fast then it seems that you want to end up as you don’t have anything to speak.

Confidence has the main role in JAM Topics. Confidence along with knowledge helps even in an abstract topic. With these types of topic, the interviewer tests the candidate’s presence of mind, analytical skills, and spontaneity.

Try to maneuver yourself whenever you realize that you are getting blank about what to speak. By avoiding nervousness try to overcome the situation gracefully. For this, the candid smiles also help. You must have some backup plans for such situation.

Never ever get emotional about the topic. Must avoid of getting too personal on sensitive matters. Try to not get distracting from the topic and talking irrelevant. Just use your knowledge in an intelligent way. You must have a control on your speech. All these will give you a satisfactory performance.

When there is a controversial topic, the candidate always may choose to explore the both sides. To discuss the both aspects of a controversial topic the candidate must be the smart and strategic speaker. While talking this stand one must be careful about the time.

The key is the competence, adaptability, and enthusiasm. The candidate must work on the competence, which includes excellent vocabulary and good general knowledge, and etc. The enthusiasm is how quick and well a candidate adapts the situation. Some of the other evaluation is the energy level when you deliver the topic.

Some Guidelines:

Define the topic and the specific terms of the given topic.

It there is any widely known classifications about the topic then it is better to talk about the classifications.

Whenever you deliver some information about the data then you must provide some supporting evidence as an example.

Use the opportunity to narrate your personal experiences if the topic provides the scope.

But the most important is the time. The candidate must maintain the time. It is not at all good idea if you stopped without completing the sentence.

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